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Evolving and adapting Morgan Lovell's website since 2007.


We have worked closely with the Morgan Lovell team since 2007 to evolve and adapt their website. This website iteration aimed to showcase Morgan Lovell's innovation, growth, values and key messaging while incorporating advances in SEO best practice. Maintaining the site's position in search rankings and performance metrics were critical to success.


  • Content strategy
  • Brand
  • UI design
  • Craft CMS
  • Multi site configuration

Our Approach

We set out to bring Morgan Lovell to life through the creative use of videos, 3D tours, and images that highlight the range of workplaces Morgan Lovell create, its people and its story. We aimed to deliver a website that can be kept fresh with consistent styling over its lifetime. We designed an easy-to-use aesthetic and prepared a set of guides and templates to be used by the internal marketing team. We created a new colour palette woven into the website via varying headings and sections. We also worked with the team to develop a photography style for the people and projects photography shoots. People had to be captured in their workspaces to show how they interact in spaces created for them.

Our strategy

We focussed on presenting engaging content and convincing stories. To achieve this, we introduced an editorial feel to Morgan Lovell's case studies. Case studies are central to telling stories about the workspaces that Morgan Lovell create. So, we built a variety of case study layout options that flexibly and adaptably presents each workspace story in the best possible way.

“Pepper Digital is more than a 'web development' company to Morgan Lovell. They are essential part of our marketing team. When it comes to digital marketing, we don’t make a decision without them.”

Paul Kelly

Head of Marketing

Catered for content complexity

We migrated a large amount of content developed over ten years to the new website while retaining its SEO value. The website needed to appear ‘uncluttered’ even though it is a large website. An uncluttered website enables users to explore and reach content easily without being overwhelmed. We introduced page transitions that swipe colours up & down and added motion to reflect Morgan Lovell’s dynamism.

We showcase the depth of content that Morgan Lovell's marketing team have developed over the years. Checklists, opinion pieces, news, videos, case studies and the service page support the SEO strategy with long-standing, high ranking content that we retained and presented more interestingly.

Office redesign project showcases

Performance & Optimisation

We optimised the website to perform well from a user experience and SEO perspective despite the variety of motion.

A space for articles, checklists, events and news

Contemporary design

We refreshed the aesthetic to align with the workplaces Morgan Lovell create and centred around its people. We created an "uncluttered" feel and used colours in homage to workspaces they have created for clients. The design supports the presentation of the depth of content that Morgan Lovell have created over many years.


The new website is a launchpad for surfacing Morgan Lovell's content, their services and the critical messages the marketing team prioritise. It helps Morgan Lovell's clients and wider user groups to navigate, access information and learn more about Morgan Lovell's services.


The website makes it easy for the marketing team to create bespoke landing pages, CTAs, forms, gated content such as white papers, and data capture for following up leads.

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