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Connecting Jean Abreu Dance with its backers and audience


The pandemic has had a tremendous impact on Jean Abreu and all Arts organisations. The studio could not put on shows or events, so they had to communicate what they are about on the website to obtain funding and support from stakeholders. We were excited to support Jean Abreu with this website project.

How we helped

  • Content planning
  • Design
  • Build


Jean Abreu wanted to communicate who they are and what they do to stakeholders like funding organisations, dancers, businesses, community groups, colleges and universities, and their audience. They aimed to give these stakeholders a flavour of their work through the website. And easily connect with funders, collaborators and supporters.

Our Approach

We prioritised supporting Jean Abreu as closely as possible to make the website delivery process painless. Being small, the responsibility for client-side deliverables fell on Jean, which is overwhelming. We simplified our process and created templates for content capture that we used to populate the new website. We also used headers, movements and images that reinforce Jean Abreu's focus on dance to users.

“We wanted the website to be minimal, simple, and easy to manage ourselves. All of our needs were superbly met by the team, and one of the great parts of our experience in this process was that the communications were clear with a super friendly and professional attitude. At no time did we feel confused about the more technical aspect of CMS and website design.”

Jean Abreu

Artistic Director / Choreographer and Dance Artist

Showcasing Jean Abreu

We used a modular template to accommodate the range of content that showcases Jean Abreu's work. The website presents stills, videos and photography from the shows, tours, talks and community engagement events that Jean Abreu organise.

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