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Boosting online sales conversion rates for Lok'nStore.


Lok’nStore wanted a new website that simplifies the process of booking storage online by helping customers determine their storage needs, provide instant quotations, and support customers with the options available when purchasing storage online. As part of the redesign, we planned and built a new reservation portal. We made it faster, more secure, and improved usability with 360-degree videos and a 3D rendered space estimator.


  • Content & SEO strategy
  • UI design
  • Build
  • 3D imagery
  • Ongoing support

Our approach

We focussed on performance. It is vital for customers to quickly access the information they need to support online sales conversions. We suggested the space estimator and features around the UX/UI of the instant quotation process like simple forms and intuitive layouts that improve every customer's understanding of their storage needs and each step of the online quotation process. We also ensured the CTAs were visible and relevant without interrupting the customer's journey through the website.


To drive lead generation and boost sales conversion by helping customers understand their space needs and simplifying the online buying process.

The Solution

Space Estimator & Reservation Portal

The online space estimator helps customers to visualise how much fits into different sizes of storage units. Each storage unit contains typical household items like storage boxes, bicycles, hobby equipment, white goods and suitcases. It shows multiple views of each storage unit selected from packed or densely filled to empty. Infographics tell customers the typical size of households or rooms that can fit into the storage unit. The bookings are flexible and can be increased or decreased should their actual requirements change on moving in.

The reservation portal helps customers to book their storage units in a seamless and contact-free manner. Built-in functionalities include pre-filling fields like space need if users come via the space estimator page or store location if preselected earlier in the customer journey. We streamlined the quote generation process to ensure customers can see onscreen the weekly costs of their selected storage unit, add-on options, choose their start date and book storage for a fixed period or ongoing basis. The back end of the portal integrates with tools that Lok'nStore need to maintain excellent customer services like CRM systems, IT systems and Google Maps.

Effective Performance

Analytics data collected consistently for 12 months after the launch date showed a 50% increased conversion.


The website is still going strong since 2015 and delivering competitive results for our clients.

Flexible & Scalable

Lok’nStore still regularly update the website content using templates we designed, saving them money.

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