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Future proofing the LBMA's digital presence.


The LBMA is the global standards-setting organisation for the precious metal market. The LBMA needed a new website and members only tools because their previous configuration was expensive and risky, with several websites across different platforms, hostings setup and terms. Crucially, the software hosting the main LBMA website was becoming end-of-life. There was an urgency to develop a new website on a future-proof platform.

Our focus

  • Content strategy
  • UI design
  • Application development
  • Build
  • Multi site
  • Multi lingual


To develop a resilient communications strategy, websites and member applications. The LBMA strives to nurture the sustainability and success of the metal market. LBMA websites and communications are a vital source of information, news and thought leadership in the sector. We needed to provide the LBMA with the best tools to fulfil these functions.

Our Approach

We collaborated with the LBMA to create a clear communications strategy that sets out a hierarchy of stakeholder groups to prioritise accessibility, engagement, aesthetics and content. The communications strategy needed to align with LBMA's medium-term business goals. We adapted our holistic approach in the early exploration and research phase to allow more time to work with LBMA's communications team and internal stakeholders to surface conflicting demands between internal and external users and deliver a streamlined and effective solution for the member applications.

Our Strategy

Our central focus was optimising user journeys for priority audience groups based on the stakeholder hierarchy agreed with our client. We adapted how bespoke elements of precious metals trading data is collected and stored from multiple sources and then manipulated and presented in graphical and tabular formats for priority groups. We planned the best design layout options to engage its diverse stakeholder groups and aid the accessibility of content. Design adaptability was crucial to accommodate rich content such as videos, podcasts, client areas and digital magazines. It was also vital for LBMA teams to quickly add content by adapting page layouts or adding pre-designed templates. We were made aware of an unprecedented volume of content, so we planned and delivered training to our client teams and supported them by digitising and uploading large proportions of their magazine on the website.

Intuitive Search

We included facet search functionality to help stakeholders navigate and find relevant information based on various search criteria. And also built-in fuzzy search functionality to increase the relevancy of set results to targeted groups.

Adaptable design

The website design showcases rich content. Videos, podcasts, conferences, client areas, digital magazines, numerous assets must be easily accessible to users. We made it easy for the communications team to quickly add content by adapting page layouts or adding pre-designed templates.

CMS Training

We delivered CMS training ahead of and during the content population stage to empower the marketing team to utilise the broad range of functionalities available on the CMS. It made it easy for the team to refresh content and layouts and run campaigns efficiently at minimal costs.

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