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Helping Deloitte attract the best talent.


Deloitte wants to continue to attract the best talent by providing information on the range of roles available, their benefits, working environment and the support available to colleagues. The team's vision for the careers site was coherent, and our task was helping them realise their goals.

Technical Partnership

We focussed on providing technical advice and delivering the website build. We advised on the user interface design elements and suggested and developed interactive functionalities that work on our client's existing infrastructure. We built a set of modular, responsive templates that allow the team to present their stories in engaging ways. These modular templates also provide the flexibility to combine layouts and showcase different types of content.

Ongoing Support

We supported the team to set up pages on the website, populate content, and prepare assets. We also provided CMS training to make the content editors confident with the tools available to them. We have continued to evolve the templates and add new functionalities like the podcast section to meet our client's changing needs.

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