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Written by Katie

Tips for content editors using Craft CMS

One reason we find clients enjoy using Craft CMS is because they can often work out how to do something themselves.

During our training sessions, we focus on the key ways that you can navigate around the content entries, make edits, re-order entries and so on.

Once the basics have been covered, it quickly becomes obvious how to do something in a section we may not have covered specifically in a training session.

For a content heavy site with dozens of channels and structures with a layering of multi-site thrown in we will cover everything. And in our experience there is no need to. A content editor may either have a focused remit in the site (e.g. the magazine editor) or have a deep understanding of the overall content strategy for the site and the logic behind how the information architecture has been planned.

However sometimes a refresher is helpful and if you’ve just been upgraded to the latest version of Craft CMS, there may be some new bells and whistles to take advantage.

Here a few to get you started.

Introduction to content drafts

Drafts are great when you have a large number of amends to make and want to hold off publishing the edits until they’re all complete. Or waiting for final edits from colleagues. For the latter, you can also share a preview link to the draft you’re working on with another stakeholder by clicking the “View” button when in the draft.

How to create a draft entry

The many ways of publishing content

When working on a site with lots of moving parts, it’s useful to be able to quickly disable, publish or schedule a go live date for a page if you’re going to be out. Here are the three ways to control whether an entry is live or not:

Disabling and enabling entries from the list view

Enabling an entry when editing he page

Schedule a page to go live in the future

Structuring a body of text

The style drop down is one of the most important buttons in your editor. We are on a mission to banish the use of bold for headings!

Love shortcuts?

When making quick amends. We’re all too aware of how many little amends can come through ahead of a launch. These will save you precious minutes!

When marking up a long article, getting into the habit of using shortcuts when applying headings, bullets. You can find all the text editor shortcuts here but I’ve pulled out the most useful here: